Pedrow for Assembly 2020
Pedrow for Assembly 2020

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denise pedrow

Republican Candidate for Assembly District 44

Why I'm Running for Assembly

  • The Supermajority in Sacramento has refused to listen to the citizens of California.  Our representatives legislate for special interest groups and pet projects while ignoring the voice of the people they were elected to represent.  Sacramento has an imbalance in the state legislature.  The consequences of  Democratic representation  includes:
  • Over Regulation- erosion of our businesses and middle class.
  • Reduction of  our Constitutional Freedoms.  New orders under AB262 give almost complete power to one County Health Official.  This one person along with 10K - 20K newly trained "Health Officers" will be able to invade your privacy and remove you or your children from your home if they believe that you have been "exposed to someone with COVID-19". 
  • A blatant disregard for  the"Rule of Law" and the protections of citizens.  Increasing government shut-down orders that are not backed up by data regarding those infected with COVID-19.
  • Excessive taxation at all levels of state government without proper transparency or accountability.
  • The state is unilaterally removing citizens rights with regard to school curriculum, medical freedoms and privacy from California families.  Under the new AB262 law, your children could be removed from your home if "Health Officers" decide that you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19  and your home is not large enough to allow separate quarantine of family members.
  •  A housing crisis with skyrocketing costs and a crisis of homelessness while Politicians are removing Proposition 13 protections in order to impose more taxes on the citizens. 
  • A failed Education System that refuses to focus on basic foundations for our children reducing California to 51st in the nation for education.
  • Oppressive water restrictions and rising fees due to a lack of maintenance and repair of California's reservoirs and dams.  The water distribution systems were built and paid for decades ago. Where are all of  our water fees going?
  • California has refused to allow an audit of its books.  Our State Controller  insists that California has no checkbook and cannot account for state spending.  This is an outrage.  Source: 

About Denise Pedrow

I was born and raised here in Southern California. Ventura county has been my home for 20 years. I come from a large Hispanic family with a strong tradition of community service.  Many in my family have served in the military, law enforcement and the Los Angeles Fire Department.  I  have conservative and moderate values with a natural inclination towards compassion and action. 

My family and I have  spent more than 31 years  working in the construction industry to build affordable Senior and Multi-Family housing.  

I don't believe that we need more regulations in California, we need to enforce the laws that we already have.  We need to get rid of the recent laws that allow government overreach into our daily lives.  More laws are being passed by the Sacramento Legislature that protect criminals and criminal behavior.  This leads our communities into more turbulent and unsafe times.  

It doesn't have to be this way.  We need strong leaders who will uphold the United States Constitution and protect ALL of our rights as citizens of a free and powerful nation.  We live in the most free land on earth, yet we are oppressed by our own Sacramento leaders.  Our own leaders are tearing apart our foundation that has allowed California to become the 5th strongest economy in the world.  I will fight to stop the Democratic agenda that is ruining our way of life.

We need balance back into our state legislature.  The progressive left, Democrats and elite need to hear from the millions of regular people in California. We are the people who are standing up and saying a loud and clear "NO" to  overregulation, oppressive taxes, running families and businesses out of our state and making laws that do nothing to protect our lives, our children and our property.

Support Denise Pedrow for Assembly to help bring back balance and accountability to our state government.


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